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Extra Wrapper Options and Accessories

Happy Jack Designs offers custom candy wrappers designed to your specifications!

The wrappers are perfect for full-size chocolate bars, miniature bars, and can be modified for other candies if desired. These unique wrappers are perfect for party favors, birth announcements, or any occasion!

Choose an existing design, or send us your specifics and we'll design something special - just for you! All elements are customizable - colors, names, dates, you name it, we'll design it. Foil overwrap sheets are also available for 1.55oz chocolate bars along with complete wrapping instructions.

Chocolate Wrapper Foil Overwrap

Foil overwrap sheets are the perfect companion for making your custom wrapped chocolate bars look spectacular! Available in a range of over 60 colors and patterns there is a perfect foil for your project. We stock the most popular colors, but if you have another color in mind, we can work with you to provide the perfect option. Foil sheets are 6" x 7.5" and the perfect size for over wrapping a 1.55oz chocolate bar. Wrapping instructions included with every order.

Price: 15¢ per sheet


                               silver               gold                 red                black             copper             blue               green               pink             

Organza Favor Bags

Small sheer organza mesh bags feature a satin drawstring for a touch of elegance for your party favors. Each bag measures 4-3/4" and holds five custom wrapped miniature chocolates for an extra sweet goodie. Favor bag prices include five custom mini chocolate bar labels.

Colors available: red, gold, blue, white, green

Price: $6.00 each

Glue Sticks

Glue sticks are easy to use and clean up. They provide a permanent bond for chocolate wrappers and are easy to use for children and adults alike. Glue sticks are acid-free, safe, and non-toxic. They dry fast and clear and allow for adjustment before setting. (Brand may vary)

Price: $1.00 each

Adhesive Tape Roller

Easy stick adhesive rollers are a clean and fast way to apply adhesive to chocolate wrappers. The adhesive is permanent, acid-free, and each roller contains nine yards of adhesive. The rollers can also be refilled by purchasing additional cartridges when needed. Great for scrapbooks, bonding paper, sealing envelopes and wrapping gifts too! (Brand may vary)

Price: $5.00 each

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